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On the campaign trail with Guy


Guy has made it his mission to meet as many New Democrats as he can over the course of this leadership race. I want to give you an update on how that mission has been going.

Over the past week Guy has trekked thousands of kilometres across our vast country. He's met with hundreds of New Democrats who have come out to events to share their hopes and dreams for a better Canada.

There's nothing Guy likes more than hearing directly from people - one-on-one - about their vision for a more just society. And when people get to meet Guy, they like what they see. Everywhere Guy goes his candor and down-to-earth approach shine through. His willingness to answer any and all questions with intelligence and respect is always well received.

Our job on the campaign team is to keep Guy on the go. To do so, we depend on donations from people like you. Your donation of $25 can go a long way.
DONATE NOW (https://guycaron.bsd.net/page/contribute/donation
Here are a few highlights from the past couple of weeks:

Guy toured southern Ontario to talk about economics and job creation. For over 30 years, Liberal and Conservative economic policies have failed Canadians. Guy's vision is to make the NDP the party fighting for an economy for us all.

Guy was in Saskatchewan to talk about the importance of workers in the fight against climate change. As the party of workers, Guy is convinced that we as the NDP simply cannot leave them behind.

Guy traveled to the Yukon to talk about basic income and the environment. His goal is to ensure that every region of the country participates in the renewal of our party's ideas.

The NDP leadership race is an extraordinary opportunity to meet with members, progressives and Canadians across the country.

We hope you'll take the time to contribute $25 so that Guy can continue to meet Canadians from coast to coast.

This leadership race is an extraordinary occasion to re-invigorate both current and future New Democrats across our great country. Guy is leading that effort with his relentless work ethic and drive to engage with Canadians like you.


Director of Communications

Chères amies, chers amis,

Je vous écris pour vous donner une mise-à-jour sur notre campagne.

Au cours des dernières semaines, Guy a parcouru des milliers de kilomètres à travers le pays. Il a rencontré des centaines d'entre vous qui lui ont parlé de vos rêves et vos espoirs d'un meilleur Canada.

Guy adore ces échanges lui permettant de mieux comprendre vos préoccupations et de présenter sa vision d'un pays où personne n'est laissé pour compte.

Partout où Guy passe, les gens apprécient son authenticité, sa candeur et sa capacité de répondre aux questions avec intelligence et profondeur. 

Contribuez 25$ afin que Guy puisse multiplier les rencontres d'un océan à l'autre.
Voici quelques moments forts des dernières semaines : 

Guy a fait une tournée dans le sud de l'Ontario pour parler d'économie et de création d'emplois. Depuis 30 ans, les politiques économiques des libéraux et conservateurs ont échoué. Guy veut que le NPD soit le parti d'une économie pour tous.

Guy était de passage au Saskatchewan pour parler de l'importance des travailleurs dans la lutte aux changements climatiques. Guy est convaincu que si le NPD est le parti des travailleurs, il ne peut les laisser pour compte.

Guy s'est rendu au Yukon pour parler du revenu de base et de l'environnement. Il veut s'assurer que chaque région du pays participe au renouvellement des idées du parti.

La course à la direction du NPD est une occasion extraordinaire de rencontrer les membres, les progressistes et les Canadiens et Canadiennes partout au pays.

Contribuez 25$ afin que Guy puisse multiplier les rencontres d'un océan à l'autre.

Directeur des communications

Guy Caron for NDP Leadership - Guy Caron à la direction du NPD

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