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BC election

BC New Democrats Celebrate a Vote for Change

Dear Steven,

The BC NDP’s message of hope and change clearly resonated with voters as we elected eight more New Democrats. And if election night results hold, Christy Clark has been denied a majority in the legislature. Whether we form government is still up in the air - with three Green Party members holding the balance.

Whatever the final outcome, we are feeling energized. A big majority of British Columbians voted for affordable housing, to address inequality, for Climate Justice and a decisive move to a clean energy economy to create jobs for British Columbians.

It is a message that clearly resonated on the West Coast. And Peter Julian, the only BC candidate for the federal NDP leadership, is bringing that same bold message to all of Canada.
Peter was an incredibly energetic contributor to our BC NDP gains. Putting his leadership campaign on hold, he door knocked across the province to bolster BC NDP efforts in 20 key battleground ridings.

He has been a great friend and supporter to me since 2005 when I was first elected in Burnaby-Edmonds. Burnaby is now solid orange at all three levels: municipal, provincial and federal – thanks in no small part to Peter’s work and leadership over the last decade. 
We need to bring those skills and that commitment to the leadership of the federal NDP.

That is why we need your help. Coming from BC Peter has to travel farther than any other candidate to meet New Democrats all across our vast country. He has already travelled 70,000 kilometres since his campaign launch - almost twice around the planet!
He did his part for us. Now it's time to help him. 

Will you contribute $20, $50 or even $100 to help him bring that message across Canada? (https://go.peterjulian.ca/page/contribute
Thank you for your support! Together, a better BC, a better Canada, a better world is possible!
Raj Chouhan, Burnaby-Edmonds
($5 after rebate) 
($12.50 after rebate) 
($25 after rebate) 
($100 after rebate) 

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