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Dear Steven,
I am sending this message as I knock on doors on beautiful Vancouver Island, BC where New Democrats are fighting for every vote as Tuesday’s provincial election goes down to the wire.
Christy Clark and the BC Liberal Party have given BC the highest child poverty rates in Canada, the highest level of family debt, and skyrocketing housing costs. They receive millions of dollars from their big corporate backers - like Kinder Morgan - and their big money machine is working overtime to convince British Columbians to give them a second chance.
On Tuesday May 9th, the election may well come down to a few dozen votes in key ridings. That’s why I have been devoting so much time over the past few weeks to knocking on doors and supporting our terrific provincial candidates. BC families simply can’t afford another four years of Christy Clark - we have to win government next Tuesday. 
A BC NDP government under John Horgan will champion clean energy jobs, say no to the Kinder Morgan pipeline, and boldly address chronic poverty and growing inequality. These are the types of ideas that I’m also bringing to our national leadership campaign.
After we form government in BC, I’m excited to once again get out and meet more New Democrats across the country. But when you live as I do on the left coast of Canada, travelling costs are a big barrier. It is 3,000 kilometres from BC just to get to central Canada! Can you help?
$10 ($2.50 after rebate) 
$42 ($10.50 after rebate) 
$100 ($25 after rebate) 
$400 ($100 after rebate) 



I bring a unique perspective to the leadership race, but have to rely on generous New Democrats like you to support this important travel. Can you help by making a generous contribution to my campaign? 

I look forward to seeing you after May 9th! 

Thank you,
Peter Julian

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Photos from the #NDPldr campaign trail

Photos from the #NDPldr campaign trail