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Brosseau: I Support Guy Caron


Our party is currently in the middle of an extraordinary democratic exercise to elect our new leader.

As members of the NDP, we have an important decision to make for the future of our party. What vision do we want to present to Canadians? And what kind of leadership are we looking for?

We are fortunate to have a talented group of candidates, demonstrating to Canadians the quality and depth of our party.

My choice is made: it's Guy Caron.

Let me tell you why.

In 2011, when I was first elected to Parliament following the Orange Wave, Guy Caron served as the first president of our Quebec caucus. Guy was an immense help for me and my newly elected colleagues, and I immediately realized that he was a quality person who was always ready to support others.

Over the years, I've been impressed by Guy's thoughtful grasp of the issues and by his tireless work to improve the lot of his fellow citizens. He has approached this leadership race in the same way, with his proposal of a Basic Income program to eliminate poverty, and a complete overhaul of our tax system to ensure that the wealthiest among us pay their fair share.

Guy is running an exceptional campaign. When he came to meet NDP members in my riding, people immediately remarked on his authenticity, as well as his warm and approachable nature.

Like me, Guy represents a largely rural Quebec riding, and he has continually supported me in my role as NDP critic for Agriculture and Agri-Food. Be it defending family farms or dairy farmers, Guy sees the crucial importance of the land in rural Canadians' lives across the country.

I support Guy Caron because he understands the reality of the regions of Quebec. For years, he has put in the hard work and he is ready to lead our party. I believe Guy is in the best position to unite progressive forces across our country.

Join me in supporting Guy Caron as the next Leader of the New Democratic Party.

Ruth Ellen Brosseau
Member of Parliament for Berthier- Maskinongé, QC


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